Present simple negatives


What is a negative sentence?

An affirmative sentence is a sentence where the verb does happen.

A negative sentence is a sentence where the verb does NOT happen.


Jennifer likes lasagne.


Jennifer doesn’t like potatoes.

How to make a negative sentence

To make a negative sentence, put do not or does not in front of the verb.

Do not for I/you/we/they. Often do not is shortened to don’t.

Does not for he/she/it. Often does not is shortened to doesn’t.

Because do changes to fit the subject, we don’t need to change the verb.

Affirmative – She likes ice cream.

Negative – She doesn’tlikes like ice cream.

If the sentence has the be verb, we don’t use do. We put not after the be verb.

Affirmative – I am happy. – Im happy.

Negative – I am not happy. – Im not happy.


Present simple negative

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