Grammar – Will


When to Use Will:

We normally use will in two situations.

We use will when we want to help someone.

I’ll help you carry that.

I’ll pick that up.

We use will to talk about new future intentions, things we have just decided to do. These are sometimes called, spontaneous decisions.

 Oh, it’s stopped raining. I’ll go to the beach!

How to Use Will:

  • Will is a help verb. This means that is changes the meaning of a main verb.
  • Will comes after the subject and before the main verb, which will be an infinitive without to.

He will be happy.

will be happy.

They will be happy.

He will play football.

You will play football.

I will play football.

  • Will is often shortened to ‘ll.

I‘ll see you later = I will see you later.

  • The negative of will is won’t.

He won’t play football. He won’t be happy.

  • In questions, will is before the subject.

Will I see you tonight?


Grammar - Will

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