Grammar – Going to


When to Use Going to:

We use going to to talk about the future plans that we have thought about before we speak.

This weekend, I’m going to visit my aunt in Rotorua.

We’re going to watch the game at the pub.

Both of these are plans, so we use going to.

How to Use Going to:

Going to is a help phrase, which means it goes before a main verb. To make a going to sentence use:

  • subjectbe + going to + main verb.

I am going to see him tomorrow.

But, please note:

  • be must change to fit the subjectI am, he is, they are, etc.
  • Going to and the main verb always stay the same.
  • For questions– put the be verb before the subject

Are you going to see him tomorrow?

  • For negatives, put not after the be verb.

I am not going to see him tomorrow.


Grammar - Going to

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