Grammar – Present continuous for the future


When to use present continuous for the future

We use the present continuous when we talked about things that we have organised to do in the future.

I can’t go to the beach because I’m having dinner with my mother tomorrow.

We often use present continuous with the verbs ‘come‘ and ‘go‘. We normally know that the sentence is about the future because of either the situation, or a time phrase like ‘tomorrow‘ or ‘next week‘.

My brother is coming to stay tomorrow. I’m going to Australia next week.

When talking about the future, present continuous is similar to going to, expect that present continuous cannot be used for a prediction, only a plan.

I think my team is winning the game tomorrow. (BAD sentence.)

I think my team is going to win the game tomorrow. (GOOD sentence)

How to make present continuous for the future sentences

Present continuous for the future uses the same rules as normal present continuous. Study those rules here!


Present continuous for future plans

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