Grammar – Passive in other tenses


When to use the passive

  • The passive voice can be used with any tense, not just the simple tenses.
  • It is most commonly used when we don’t know who did something, or it’s not very important.

How to use the passive

  • Just like with the simple tenses, change the verb to the p.p. and put be before it.

Passive = object + be + p.p.

  • However, remember that be needs to change to the correct tense, but the p.p. always stays the same.

He has made dinner.

Dinner has been made by him.

  •  A present perfect sentence needs the verb have, followed by a p.p. So, in the passive, be changes to p.p.
  • Here are examples of passive sentences in other tenses. Note that only be changes.


Passive in other tenses

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