Grammar – Some or any?


When to use some or any

We use some and any to talk about a number of something without saying the exact number.

Does anyone have any money?

I have some money!

We also put some and any in longer words, like somewhere, something, somebody, anybody.

I don’t know anybody in Browns Bay!

You should go for a drink at the pub. You might meet somebody there.

 How to use some and any

The rules for using some and any are similar to using much, many or a lot of. But, with some and any, it doesn’t matter if the noun is countable or uncountable.

  • With affirmative sentences, use some.

I need some coffee to help me wake up.

That shop sells some beautiful shoes.

With negative sentences and questions, use any.

I don’t have anything to wear tonight.

Do you have any money for the bus?


Sometimes we use some in questions where we ask for or offer something.

Do you want some tea?

Could I have something to drink, please?

We use any in an affirmative sentence where it means ‘it doesn’t matter which.’

They love books so much they’ll read anything you give them.

I could live in any country, as long as the national sport is rugby.



Some or any?

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