IELTS – Task 1 General – Ending

Useful language for your ending

Just like with the beginning or a letter, what we say at the end of a letter depends on the reason for our writing it.

Here are some example sentences you could write at the end of a formal or informal letter in several situations.

Note: You can write something like ‘I look forward to your reply’ at the end of both a formal and informal letter.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”][bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]Situation,[c#ffffff;bg#3d829f]Formal,[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]Informal|[bg3D829F]Asking%20for%20something,[bg#ffffff;c#000000]%E2%80%A2%20I%20look%20forward%20to%20your%20reply.,%E2%80%A2%09Hopefully%20I%E2%80%99ll%20hear%20from%20you%20soon.|[bg3D829F],[bg#ffffff;c#000000]%E2%80%A2%20Thank%20you%20for%20giving%20this%20your%20attention.,%E2%80%A2%20Thanks%20again%20for%20your%20help.|[bg3D829F],[bg#ffffff;c#000000]%E2%80%A2%20Please%20let%20me%20know%20if%20this%20is%20possible.,%E2%80%A2%20Please%20let%20me%20know%20as%20soon%20as%20possible%20if%20this%20is%20OK.|[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]Giving%20information,[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]%E2%80%A2%20I%20hope%20this%20information%20is%20useful.,[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]%E2%80%A2%20I%20hope%20that’s%20all%20the%20information%20you%20needed.|[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff],[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]%E2%80%A2%20Please%20do%20not%20hesitate%20to%20contact%20me%20if%20you%20require%20more%20information,[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]%E2%80%A2%20Please%20let%20me%20know%20if%20you%20need%20any%20more%20information.|Making%20a%20suggestion,%E2%80%A2%20I%20hope%20these%20suggestions%20are%20useful.,%E2%80%A2%20I%20hope%20these%20ideas%20help.|,%E2%80%A2%20Please%20let%20me%20know%20if%20you%20need%20any%20more%20advice.,%E2%80%A2%20Let%20me%20know%20if%20you%20need%20any%20more%20ideas.%20I’m%20always%20glad%20to%20help.|[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]Saying%20sorry,[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]%E2%80%A2%20Again%2C%20I%20apologize%20for%20any%20inconvenience.,[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]%E2%80%A2%20Sorry%20again!|[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff],[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]%E2%80%A2%20Please%20accept%20my%20apology.,[bg#3d829f;c#ffffff]%E2%80%A2%20I%20really%20hope%20I%20didn’t%20cause%20too%20much%20trouble.|Complaining,%E2%80%A2%20I%20expect%20a%20response%20soon.,[align-center]Unusual|,%E2%80%A2%20Please%20give%20this%20your%20immediate%20attention.,[align-center]Unusual[/vc_table]

Writing your name

At the end of a letter in English, you need to write your name. Traditionally you also need to write you signature, but in IELTS you do not need to do this.

What you should write before you sign depends on whether the tone is formal or informal. There are many ways to finish a letter, but you only need to know one for formal and one for informal, as you only need to write one letter for your IELTS. For formal, write Yours sincerely,then your name on a new line. For informal, write Kind regards, then your name on a new line.

So, if your name is John, you will write:


Yours sincerely,



Kind regards,


Sample endings

Here is a sample question.

You are organizing a trip overseas for you and a friend. Write your friend a letter giving some details of the trip. In your letter:

  • Explain where your plans are.
  • Tell your friend what they need to pack.
  • Tell your friend exactly when you meet you.

You should write at least 150 words.
You do not need to write you address.
Being you letter as follows:
Dear ……

The recipient is your friend, so the letter is informal. You are giving them information about your travel. Here’s an example of a final paragraph.

I hope you can understand the plans. Let me know is anything is confusing or doesn’t make sense. Also, let me know if you need any more information.

Kind regards,


Here is another sample question.

You saw an advertisement for a painting course near your house. You want to do the course, but cannot attend it every week.
Write a letter to your course-director. In your letter:

  • explain why you want to do the course
  • explain why you can’t attend every week
  • find out if you can get a refund

Write at least 150 words.
You do not need to write you address.
Begin you letter as follows:

This letter is to someone who you don’t know well, so it needs to be formal. You are asking for something, and perhaps saying sorry because you can’t do the complete course. Here’s an example ending.

I am very sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but I really can’t attend every lesson. Please let me know if my idea is acceptable. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

John Smith

IELTS - Task 1 General - Ending

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